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Energy Freedom


Combined with energy efficient appliances, solar panels can almost provide all the energy needs for a normal Australian family home.


9 Steps to Energy Freedom explains how you can turn your home into an energy power house. More tips here from .......


For more information on Energy Freedom contact Rod by email at, call Rod on 1300 NRG wise (1300 674 947) or go to the NRGwise website.

Energy Freedom


Free energy is supplied by the sun, wind and warmth in the atmosphere everyday.


Millions of Australians are already capturing this energy, free of charge, using solar panels and micro wind turbines to generate electricity or heat water. When the sun shines on your solar panels all the electricity generated is free for you to use, and we also pay you 8.2c/kw hr for the electricity you don't use and feed back into the grid!


Gippsland 2020's Free Free Energy education service is provided by NRGwise, a local Gippsland business based in Sale.

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