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How it works


We all have choices.

How we use those choices,

can help create a better world!


We all want to use our money for good. Whether it's Australian jobs, the Australian economy, our environment or the health of the people producing the goods, we all have our reasons.


With very little effort you can make a big difference in Gippsland! It is really easy to distinguish between a company that 'costs' the earth to generate electricity and one that does not.


By choosing Gippsland 2020 Power you're selecting electricity from a better power company that provides cheaper, cleaner and safer power to help create a better future in Gippsland and Australia.


The Victorian Essential Services Commission's Energy Retailers Comparative Performance Report has for two consecutive years identified Powershop as the cheapest energy retailer in Victoria, considering all available discounts.


Powershop is also Australia’s first and only carbon neutral energy company. That means your electricity usage is 100% carbon neutral – at no extra cost to you!











And the really great news is that you’ll also be supporting local community clean energy projects in your local area through a local contribution scheme established and managed by Gippsland 2020. 


For every Gippslander that switches to Gippsland 2020 Power, a donation is made to support a clean energy project in your local area - a win-win for you and your community. 


How to switch


















Better Power - Better Price















You have solar but are worried about keeping your current feed-in tariff?

Powershop offers the PFiT, TFiT and SFiT feed-in-tariffs in accordance with Victorian Government law.

Call Powershop on 1800-in-control to make sure you don't miss out!






























How is renewable energy generation lowering power prices?

Watch this video to understand how Powershop’s parent company Meridian’s two Australian wind farms (and renewable energy) are lowering electricity prices.

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