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Gippsland 2020 By Election Questionnaire

The Liberals and National Party have the resources to answer a questionnaire put to them by the people of Gippsland South. Yet they are ignoring the people of their own community! If they get into power again you can rest assured they will continue to act on their own self-interests.

An Independent candidate may not have the resources to answer the questionnaire, but they are willing to listen to their constituency.

Warren Saunders, an Independent candidate took the time out to acknowledge the community concerns of the people of Gippsland South. He also took these issues seriously and took considerable time in answering the questions put to him. Have a look at what he has to say about the issues affecting you!

We will let you be the judge by your vote on Saturday! Keep in mind your candidates who are listening to your voice. There is increasing disillusionment and disconnect in the relationships we have with our politicians. Let's give a candidate a go who will help us rebuild this important relationship.

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